Focusing On The Victim’s Family

After speaking with an old friend about her experience with an abduction in her family. The sorrow that family members feel when a loved one goes missing can be described as “the beast within”.

“It began, in my head, possibility that she was dead; though I found it odd that a mother wouldn’t know by instinct if her daughter was dead…I tried to be calm and philosophical and tell myself this is just a mistake…this is not happening and to stop panicking, there is a logical explanation and she will come waltzing through the door. ”


The emotional impact is significant. The term “living in limbo” is often used to describe how families can’t move on while a loved one is missing. They often fluctuate between hope and hopelessness. Families may also face legal and financial problems following a disappearance. They often need to manage and protect the missing person’s affairs while they are away, which can be hugely distressing, as they can feel duty bound to protect the life they hope their missing loved one will return to.

Community support and educating yourself on violence against women is a great start. This should be done in conjunction with contacting your local legislators and political leaders to advocate for tougher laws against perpetrators of violence against women in order to get to the root of it.

Karen Goddard.

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