The Sista Love Project® Special Announcement

Good morning to everyone! I cannot thank you all enough for the love and support you have given to this group. When we began, I had no idea where all this positive energy would have led us to. What started as a webinar to bring attention to the high rates of violence against women and girls, has organically evolved into a Facebook group. Now, we have recently become a registered nonprofit corporation in the state of Florida; The Sista Love Project, Inc.!

We remain committed to our “Sistas” worldwide. We will mourn together, and we will heal together. We will continue to be survivors, just as the first woman who gave birth to us all. And yes, we are “building for eternity”, to a day where no woman or girl is ever harmed for simply being a woman or girl.

With that in mind, we are looking to build a team and we need people worldwide, with experience or knowledge in various fields including grant writing, fundraising, accounting, community contacts or any other skill sets they believe can help us further our efforts.

We are currently working on several ideas to help strengthen and support our sistas in Trinidad and Tobago and worldwide and will keep this group updated. Together, we can break the cycle of inter-generational abuse, while educating ourselves about the damage produced by such negative social norms as gender-based violence. Kindly send your responses to, if interested. Thanks so much again for your support!

Karen Goddard, President. The Sista Love Project, Inc.

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